***Effective Saturday 5/16/20, we are happy to announce we are reopening to group classes. Our classes will temporarily be smaller and shorter and we are implementing best practices with mask wearing, physical distancing, increased ventilation, outdoor class options, increased sanitation/disinfection, etc. At this juncture, we are only adding new classes to our schedule sporadically, but hope to consistently add more as soon as conditions allow. If you are new to agility, or have a dog new to agility, please email Janey to get on our notification list for new classes. If you and your dog have agility training under your belt and are looking for a new class, also email Janey to discuss your options. Thanks!!**

Our Training Philosophy: We are a positive training facility because scientific research shows that reward based training gets consistent results, is the most effective, the most safe and the most humane way to train, and helps you to build a successful partnership with your dog. That means that we do not allow the use of electric, prong or choke collars. Furthermore, we believe that you can teach dogs and effect change without the use of force. 

We offer agility training group classes at every level from PreFoundation to the Masters Level. Most group classes are offered in a six-week session and most classes are ongoing. Instructors vary depending on the class. Group classes require pre-registration.

We also offer Control Unleashed classes, Nosework classes and other options.

In addition to group classes, for our current students, we offer drop-in practice (Drop-Ins Do's and Don'ts here) in the main arena several times a week for a nominal fee. **Please note, as of 5/16/20, drop-ins are temporarily discontinued. If you are a current student here, private ring rental is available.**

In order to keep your dogs in tip-top shape, we also have Dr. Alice Baker Meuten ( available several times monthly for chiropractic adjustments, including acupuncture and laser treatments.

For massage, we have Emily Heitzmann ( available twice a week and Bill Capron (, co-owner of the facility, by appointment only.

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