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How to Measure Up, July 13, 2019 9:00am

A workshop on preparing your dog to be measured
What is the best way to get an accurate and painless measurement for competitions? If you are not sure what height your dog will jump when you start competing or if you have a dog who is energetic, nervous or body sensitive, this clinic is for you.
USDAA judge Meredith Keraga and Team Spirit Instructor Nicole Levesque will offer support and assistance on how to get the best measurement possible for your dog. You will receive helpful tips on how to practice having your dog measured with what you have on hand! Using an official measuring device, we will also give you the most accurate measurement possible and inform you as to the jump height you would most likely compete in for the venue of your choice.
You will also have the benefit of having to “wait in line to be measured”. For a new team this can be a challenge. The excitement of being around all those dogs can really affect your measurements! Being able to prepare and calm your dog down can make a huge difference.
Take the stress out of your first trial by helping your canine teammate prepare for their official measurement or get your youngsters more familiar with being handled by others! Pre-registration is required!
Cost: $30 per team. Owners with multiple puppies take $15 off per dog.
Email Nicole at redtriboys@yahoo.com to reserve your spot.

Rocky Mountain Teacup Agility TDAA Trial Dates

October 19 and 20, 2019

Contact Brenda Douglass for more information – brdouglass@comcast.net